Keynote #2


How to take the best creative marketing ideas of highly successful small business owners and apply it to your work (and life!)

Over the past 10 years, Tim Reid has had deep conversations with hundreds and hundreds of successful business owners on his award-winning podcast The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

In each of these fireside chats, they have generously shared their amazing business journey, the ups and the downs of building their empire, along with what role marketing played in getting them to where they are today.

So join me, Tim Reid, radio personality, podcaster and author of The Boomerang Effect, as he shares some of the best marketing ideas from some of the world’s smartest entrepreneurs.

In this educational yet highly entertaining keynote, presented like the opening monologue from a late night talk show, you’ll discover:

  • How a boutique LA-based fashion designer (accidentally) created the world’s most viral and successful marketing video
  • How a cringeworthy radio creative strategy lead to the creation of two multi-million dollar FMCG brands
  • Why and how a New York-based entrepreneur is making a motza from selling cuddles. Yes, cuddles!
  • How a lost giraffe enabled Ritz Carlton to create an unforgettable customer experience
  • Why extreme product demonstrations are good for business
  • How a deeply depressed Dentist completely turned his business (and life) around by breaking with his industry’s outdated conventions
  • And how an Electrical Franchise’s 21-Step Customer Mantra lead to it becoming Australia’s fastest growing trade franchise

All backed up by inspiring case studies of real businesses doing amazing things.


5 reasons to book Tim Reid as a keynote speaker for your next conference: 

  1. Tim Reid will put the necessary work in to understanding your conference theme and the content of the other speakers to ensure a laser-focussed, highly relevant presentation with no double-up. 
  2. Tim Reid will also put the necessary work in to deeply understanding the problems your delegates are facing in business, allowing him to structure a keynote that delivers maximum value and solutions to them. 
  3. Tim Reid’s highly practical nature ensures your delegates will be able to return to their businesses and implement his ideas immediately. No theory … just solid, practical ideas that are easy to implement and get results.
  4.  Tim Reid will make himself available for an overall briefing with you and your team in the lead up to your event. He is also happy to be available for a de-briefing if you feel that is of value.
  5. Tim Reid is not precious, in fact, quite the opposite – he’s incredibly easy to work with. He’ll make himself available for any press interviews in the lead up to your event, and on the day he’s happy to arrive early and meet your delegates over coffee, take as many questions as time allows from stage, and he’ll make himself available after his session to sign books and chat further with audience members.

In a marketing landscape that’s changing by the minute, the ideas in this keynote will inspire anyone responsible for growing a business or not-for-profit to take their thinking around what’s possible with marketing to a whole new level.

That’s gotta be good for business!



Olivia Sainsbury

We loved having Tim Reid speak to our business audience at a Caloundra Chamber Better Business Breakfast event. Tim’s energetic presentation was a fantastic inspiration to bring his Boomerang Effect into your marketing efforts. The real case studies, insightful marketing tips and humour was great content for our small business audience to inject into their own marketing strategies and help them stay on top of the ever changing marketing game! Thank you Tim.